About Us

About Our Company

Kupon Furniture will convey its 52 years of "industrial furniture" and "large furniture production facilities", as well as its experience in boutique and personalized design areas, and will produce furniture suitable for the budgets, dreams and tastes of those who want to buy furniture.

"Reasonable Price" and "Quality" are the constant trio of Kupon Furniture.

Guests coming to Kupon Furniture Showroom will be able to have the furniture of their dreams apart from the exhibited furniture. Visitors to the Kupon Furniture Showroom, which will provide "Free Furniture Consultancy" service, will have a pleasant time and on the other hand, they will realize the furniture designs that are dreamed of for all living spaces. Kupon Furniture, which specializes in the production of furniture suitable for tastes, dreams, usage areas and especially budget, aims primarily at trust and satisfaction by transferring this expertise to its valued customers.

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We would be happy to see you among them, we are waiting for you to have a cup of coffee in our store..